Before i start ranting, i get it. Sun Shadow is a really awesome cat, and this is not intended in ANY way to make him look bad. Get That? ok. Now we can get started! :)

So here's the thing, Sun Shadow DID probably feel lonely. That is really reasonable, since his only real family (other than his dead mother) is at the forest, allowing him to get the idea that he would go. However, i think that Sun Shadow also came because Half Moon (aka Stoneteller) gave him visions of his family and their lives. She likely showed him when he was close to having no family left around him, and thus he went to find a home. True, all of this was highlighted and hinted in the books, but really i'm just trying to go a little bit more indepth here. So, yeah. I do not want to believe that he may have had any malicious intentions (i'm also one of his fans :D), and this silly wiki is about expanding that view and doing what these wikis are supposed to do: thouroughly explain things. Plus, this was my first idea, and my first post, so... Yeah! Thanks for reading! (i guess)

Welcome to the Why Sun Shadow REALLY came to the forest WikiEdit

Why did Sun Shadow REALLY come back to the forest? He claimed he was lonely, but that's not the whole story...

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Sun Shadow had other reasons for coming to the forest.

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What i think he may have looked like

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